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 About Tees Minerals


Tees Minerals was formed in 2014 to meet the needs arising from the various changes to the global mineral processing industry that have taken place in the last fifteen years.
We are based in the North East of England and have views to the South of an historic iron ore region. In the 1870s at its peak it provided 20% of the world's iron. To the North, we look over a steadily declining and dormant iron and steel industry, i.e. the old Durham coalfields. Our logo is the iconic Transporter Bridge that so visibly represents the long engineering tradition in the region and needless to say the Transporter was made using locally produced steel!
We consult to the processing industry with the philosophy that optimal solutions result from the combination of experience and innovation with an external view of the problem.
The consulting services cover the following primary areas:
  • Audits on plant operations.
  • Audits on projects - either post or during project execution.
  • Security audits for precious metal and diamond recovery operations.
  • Participation in and leadership of feasibility studies from the conceptual to definitive/bankable stage.
  • Testwork supervision.
  • Coaching and mentoring for development of team members.
Further details are given elsewhere on the site, and a full capability statement can be obtained by email request (See contacts page).



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